The History of Kraemer Land Company


The Beginning

Daniel Kraemer, a German immigrant, came to Placentia in 1865 and bought 3,900 acres of land to create a farm that he planned to pass down to his two sons, Benjamin and Samuel. Samuel Kraemer substantially increased his inheritance from his father through a strong work ethic, an astute understanding for business, and his marriage to Angelina Yorba.


The Marriage

In 1886, Samuel Kraemer married Angelina Yorba,  daughter of Prudencio Yorba, and a descendant of  Bernardo Yorba, and his father, Don Jose Antonio Yorba, two of the original land grant settlers of California.  Samuel and Angelina’s union combined not only their German and Spanish heritage, but also her share of the Yorba lands with Kraemer’s adjacent ranch in the hills above Yorba Linda, forming a 1,600-acre parcel.


Discovery of Oil

When Union Oil Company discovered oil on his property around 1919, Samuel Kraemer became a powerful and influential businessman in Southern California. He built the first high-rise building in Anaheim, the Kraemer Building, and developed the Angelina hotel in Anaheim. Angelina and Samuel’s eight children would all become prominent citizens of Orange County and left their Placentia land to their descendants in individual parcels.  The combined Kraemer-Yorba land in Yorba Linda was handed down intact, with each of their eight descendants receiving an interest in the undivided property.



Land owned by the Kraemer-Yorba family was farmed for years until the advent of urbanization took hold of the Placentia-Yorba Linda area in the early 1960s. Family members met during this time and resolved to combine their holdings once again, operating under a family-run board of directors.  Whereas other families saw their properties fragmented over time, the Kraemer families successfully reassembled their land holdings for maximum impact, understanding that united they stood stronger through representative leadership with common goals.


Company Formation

Initially, two separate companies with overlapping boards were formed. In 1979, the two companies were merged. Kraemer Land Company (originally Founders K Corp. and then FKC Partners) began overseeing the entitlement and development of the family properties.

Kraemer Land Company has benefited and grown from the sale of property for residential development and takes pride in the great communities of Placentia and Yorba Linda that have been built on family land. The family is bound together by the philosophy of family unity, and the belief that through adaptation its real estate holdings are capable of succeeding in all real estate cycles.


Kraemer Land Company

Today, Kraemer Land Company is well-positioned to leverage its historical past with a dynamic present and continue building a path toward future success. The company aims to continue investment and development efforts, building up new communities and benefiting future generations for years to come.